Tips and Tricks to Score High in Class 12 Mathematics


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    How to Score High in Class 12 Mathematics

    Mathematics doesn’t have a generally accepted definition. Mathematics includes the study of number theory, geometry, algebra, and mathematical analysis. Maths requires a thorough knowledge of the approaches as well as the application of formulas.
    Mathematics is essential in the field of natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and finance.
    Nowadays competition is getting higher and higher. Everyone wants to score higher in their subjects. They want to make themselves proud by hardworking. Mathematics is a subject in which students feel stressed and nervous because it contains many formulas, methods, and diagrams to understand and learn.

    It is a scoring subject for those who easily understand and catch topics, but what about those who regret choosing this subject for their board exams and further competitive exams.
    Ncert is a must because it is enough for board exams, but one has to end it up from top to bottom. If you’re sure about your NCERT revision, you can move further to reference books, mock tests, and question banks.

    Score high in Class 12 Mathematics

    There are a few tips and tricks to score high

    1. Make short notes 

    By making short notes, you can easily catch the vital part faster, lifting the useless leg. It will help you to make your mind sharper and alert. In the end, when you start your self-revision for board exams, you will never check the thoughts of what to learn or not. Most students suffer from such thinking.

    2. Create or buy Mind maps –

    It helps you to understand the various topics in every chapter. You will write the topic’s name at the top of the bottom and then write their more broad issues when you read a topic, make a list of different maths formulas for 12 Mathematics. They will help you to retain important concepts in your mind. Also, you feel you find it very beneficial while you revise. Students should put extra effort into chapters that have high weightage, and You must master these chapters. List out all the concepts and topics for every single chapter.

    3. Self-evaluation 

    Mainly students never focused on their weaker part at which they lack. They feel inadequate and overthink. Don’t spend your crucial time overthinking or revising the amount you are good at. Give that time in practicing the weaker part to make it stronger and a plus point.

    4. Understand the weight of the syllabus 

    Firstly, students have to know the weightage of units from the recently NCERT 12 mathematics as given below-

    Algebra – 10 marks
    Relations and functions – 8 marks

    Probability -08marks
    Calculus – 35 marks
    Linear programming – 05 marks
    Vectors and three-dimensional geometry – 14 marks
    Total- 80 marks
    Internal assessment – 20 marks

    It is highly recommended by our team to all the CBSE students that they focus on units containing maximum weight in board exams because it will help them to lay a foundation for more complex topics.

    5. Practice previous years papers and sample papers 

    Ensure that you will practice the last few year’s papers by setting a timer. It will help you to improve your speed and time management skills.

    Examiners follow a pattern of repetition for specific important topics over some years.

    6. Time management

    The reading time is the most crucial because this involves reading the question paper thoroughly and choosing the most scoring questions based on your understanding.
    If you get stuck on a question, leave some space and keep going forward.
    You can revise it later with a fresh mind.
    Always try to keep 15- 20 minutes for revising and rectifying your Answers at the end.

    7. Don’t do rote learning 

    Mathematics is not a theoretical subject, but it is a conceptual subject. It would help if you had a conceptual understanding. Don’t mug up because it will not help you at the time of your final exam. Learn the basic formulas because once you know the procedures, you will never need to mug them up.

    8. Presentation is a must 

    Try to make your answer sheet look neater and cleaner. It will benefit you for sure. Make sure that you do the proper labeling of the graphs and figures.
    Avoid overwriting. If you find an error, then remove it off or erase it and begin afresh from a new paragraph. Always leave a few lines between two Mathematical problems and always start a new section on a new & fresh page.

    9. Self-study 

    Self-study is like a weapon in the hands of students through which they can achieve victory. Try to spend more time on self-study instead of thinking like you can get it all at your one stroke. Try to find solutions by yourself and try to ask questions to clear your concepts and mind doubts. Self-study plays a significant role in the life of goal achievers.

    10. Take proper rest

    Most importantly, a good body will help to work harder. If you do not regularly take proper sleep, you may suffer from diseases, .and your eyes will look sleepy every time, and your mind will not that much capable of understanding or storing anything.

    11. Practice as much as you can

    You should have a better understanding of the derivation of formulas to Score High in Class 12 Mathematics. Learn all these formulas by attentiveness. Read all the solved examples given in the book. This will help you to learn how to handle various questions in a given chapter. Start practicing the problems given at the end of each chapter. You don’t need to follow the same step.

    If you know an easier way to solve a question, you can use it. Improve your weak areas and speed. Once you complete the entire syllabus, you can begin solving mock tests and check how much time you are taking in solving a question paper. Mark the problematic questions and revise them regularly. Do not stress much. Practice solving a question in a time-bound manner. Clear your doubt’s from your teacher. Discussing a doubt is also helpful. Do not practice from R. D Sharma or R.S Agarwal at once. NCERT alone is sufficient for you, but you should solve it completely including the examples.

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