Class 10 Tuition

Class 10 Tuition. HTSD is a prominent place where highly trained, qualified, and reliable tutors are chosen from highly rated CBSE schools of Delhi, NCR. Get the best Class 10 home tutors at the most affordable cost. Also, hire the most promising Home Tutors in Delhi, NCR, and get great results.

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    Class 10 Tuition

    Class 9th home tutors. All the home tutors working with us are working in well-known schools or coaching centers in Delhi. They all are trustworthy and experienced.

    class 10 tuition


    • Our tutors will assist you in getting the goal of clearing the class 10th exam with the highest marks.
    •  The main aim of all the students in class 10th is to get the stream of their own choice in class 11th.
    • Our tutors always try to make sure their students achieve the highest marks.
    • Securing good marks in class 10th is very important for students because this is the most critical time for all the students and they decide their class 11th subjects only after the result of class 10th.
    • It is the rule of almost all the schools of Delhi that they provide a stream based on the result of class 10th.
    • Students need the guidance of expert tutors at this crucial time of their academic life.

    class 10 tutors


    A single teacher for all subjects is inappropriate in 9th and 10th. There should be a separate teacher for all the subjects. We keep this idea as our main aim. We provide separate tutors for four main subjects. They are as follows….

    Our tutors follow the following steps to make our students score high in academics.


    Our tutors help students finish their syllabus on time. Most of the time, students have a problem completing the syllabus on time despite having the guidance of tutors. Our tutors have proper planning to complete the syllabus of students on time. They decide this with the parents of students. Students get proper time for revision.


    Technology helps teachers to explain the topic easily. A teacher can be an excellent teacher just because of using technology. Our tutors use animated videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. students can understand complex topics with the help of these aids. Our tutors are always available for their students. They are available through Sapp or email.     


    Revision is critical to score well in the exam. Students study the topics with the highest weightage at the starting of the session. They forget these topics if they do not revise these topics. Our tutors make students revise these topics again and again. Our tutors have a planned schedule of revision and testing. It will help students to find out their weaknesses and strength. 


    Studying only NCERT books is not enough to score well in 9th and 10th. Although NCERT is the best book, they have proper definitions and exercises, yet students need additional study material. It is also essential to check their learning. Our tutors provide excellent practice exercises and questions to check their students’ learning. Our tutors provide NCERT EXEMPLAR BOOKS of famous authors like R.S Aggarwal, R.D Sharma, Lakh Meer Singh, etc. 

    • There are different types of tests that our home tutors conduct.
    • They take chapter-wise tests, tests after completing three chapters, half syllabus tests, and tests based on complete syllabus.
    • Our home tutors help parents make sure that every student does at least ten full-length tests.