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Home tutor for class 9-10 by HTSD. All our tutors are trusted professionals who are working in esteemed schools and coaching centers of Delhi, NCR.

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    Home tutor for class 9-10 by HTSD

    • Home tutors for classes 9-10 play an essential role in helping students in securing good marks. 
    • This is important to get the desired stream in Class 11th. This is the second and also critical phase in the academic life of a student.
    •  Usually, in Delhi, NCR CBSE school’s students are allotted their desired stream in class 11th only based on their tenth grades.
    • 9th 10th Home Tutors help you to achieve the goal of cracking class 10th goal
    • Students need to do a lot of hard work, and they require expert guidance to survive in the CBSE board examination system.

    Subject-Wise Home tutor for class 9-10

    This segment requires high-level skills, so a tutor deals with one subject only. We mainly deal in four segments in class 9th and 10th and provide expert home tutors for these subjects. These four segments are

    Our Home tutor for classes 9-10 uses a few steps to ensure success in class 9th and 10th

    Quick completion of syllabus

    Most of the time, We see that students are struggling to finish their syllabus on time even after year-long tutoring. Thus they are not able to do a proper revision, and this affects their preparation very severely. But We have a strict policy about it. Firstly, we make a note about the final examination of the students. Secondly, we sit with the students and their parents and plan to finish the syllabus on time.

    Comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus

    Revision is the key to getting good marks at this level. You study most of your syllabus in April only while you write your final exams in February. For example, there are two chapters in class 9th Maths, Number System and Polynomial. They both have maximum weight in the examination. As these are the initial two chapters, you study them at the start of the academic year while you write the exam almost ten months later. No student can remember it throughout the year. That’s why revision is the key to scoring well. This is the reason, Home tutor for classes 9-10 makes a proper revision plan and implements it.

    Solving HOTS questions

    NCERT is perhaps undoubtedly the best book to study in class 9-10. It is wholly based on the CBSE syllabus. It has all the concepts and some excellent practice questions. All these features make it most suitable for all average and above-average students. But, if you want to excel in your Maths or Science, you can not rely merely on NCERT. Because for being a topper, you have to deal with HOTS questions. Therefore, Our Home tutor for class 9-10 makes you study NCERT EXEMPLAR books, R.D Sharna, R.S Agarwal, Lakhmeer Singh, etc., so that you don’t miss out on HOTS and excel in your exams.

    Technology Added Teaching

    We believe that a good teacher can become excellent if he is ready to blend technology with his teaching techniques. Therefore, all our Home tutor for classes 9-10 uses animations, Videos, and PowerPoint presentations to make students understand complex concepts. Our Home Tutors are always in touch with their students via WhatsApp or email during exam times.

    Cumulative testing

    • First, our Home tutor for classes 9-10 takes chapter end tests.
    • after completing one chapter, Unit tests after completing three chapters, half syllabus tests, and finally full-length tests
    • With the help of parents, our home tutors ensure that every student writes at least 10 full-length tests and get them checked by their tutors.

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