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    Chemistry Home Tutors by HTSD

    Chemistry Home Tutors play an important role in securing the academic life of a student. chemistry is a very important, interesting, and scoring subject in class 11-12. it’s an integral part of the science stream in both medical and non-medical groups. Science medical group needs to study only a bit of maths like logs and calculus to grasp chemistry properly.

    Chemistry Home Tutors help and support students by following ways:-

    Chemistry Home Tutors advises students to make a proper study plan for the chemistry board exam. And with strong and well-defined planning,  students can score maximum marks and they can finish their paper within the given time.

    ► Our tutors advise that students should mention the correct formula when solving numerical problems. A few units are a bit difficult and need more time and practice. This work can be easily done with the help of our Chemistry tuition near me.

    ► Students can clear their concepts thoroughly with our tutor to secure full marks inorganic and physical chemistry. All formulas of physical chemistry should be written on a separate sheet and practiced again and again

    Chemistry Syllabus break-up and Paper Pattern

    ►The above image and table show the syllabus break-up and paper pattern. Chemistry Home Tutors help students get prepared accordingly. Sometimes we get a better understanding of a topic and we begin to like that topic more than others. This may lead to a situation where we may devote most of our time to that topic. And we can ignore other topics. This scenario may hamper our examination prospects. We should always keep above mentioned syllabus break in our mind and provide time to each topic according to its weight and not according to our personal choice

    Presentation tips by HTSD

    Presentation is really a very important task in a subject like Chemistry. The way you present your work is really important to score full marks in  Chemistry. And Home Tutors ask students to sit with them while they check their Mock test answer sheets. So that they can help students to understand errors in their presentations. students practice many extra Mock papers to improve their presentations and score better.

    ►Our tutors focus on using advanced technology in their teaching. This is a  video posted as an example. We use PDF files to share topic-wise notes. PNG images to help students understand difficult diagrams. Home Tutors prepare a power-point presentation on difficult topics so that students can understand them properly. Our youtube videos are really very beneficial for students in creating interest and understanding of Chemistry.  it’s showing an insight into chemistry tutoring.

    ► in today’s cut-throat competition, it’s not enough if students only depend upon basic books like NCERT. They need to solve a lot of HOTS problems to strengthen their concepts. Our tutors help students a lot in this process. Home tutors help students in solving hots questions, especially Pradeep and ABC or Xam idea book  questions

    Chemistry Home Tutors ensure a comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus. At plus two-level, scholars say “The better you revise, the more marks you get“. We should not think that we will start our revision once we have completed the whole syllabus. This may lead to a situation where you may completely forget the initial topics. So you should revise after every three-four lessons. This strategy will give you an unforgettable approach to the topics.

    Importance of testing

    Testing is perhaps the best way to revise topics. As I mentioned above, we should focus more on revising the topics which we have studied at the start of the year. Testing helps us to revise those topics. Our tutors do cumulative testing-first they take chapter end tests after completing one chapter, unit tests after completing three chapters, half syllabus tests, and finally full-length tests

    ► Solving past year’s papers is another key metric of getting a good score in Chemistry. You should keep a watch near you and solve your past year’s papers at least 10 minutes before the time given to you in the actual board exams. This task should be done with utmost sincerity. With the help of parents, our home tutors ensure that every student writes at least 10 full-length tests and get them checked by their tutors according to the suggested method

    Salient Features of our home tutoring services
    • Easy and approachable service
    • hassle-free & affordable payment system
    • Dedicated, experienced, qualified, and trained tutors
    • On-time syllabus completion
    • A detailed revision of the whole syllabus
    • Technology added teaching for better understanding
    • Chapter end test, unit test, half syllabus & full syllabus test
    • Timely feedback & better parent engagement
    • Mock test & past year paper solving
    • Proven track results & Great results

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