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How to score high in Physics Class 12

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    How to score high in Physics Class

    Most of the students find physics the toughest subject. But for some students it is easy. So here a question arises why is it so? Why physics is so biased that it gives a pleasant feeling to some and unpleasant to most of us.

    Physics does this partiality with us because we don’t know how to deal with it. So let us know how to deal with it to score high marks in the Physics board exam.

    To score high in physics you need to first analyze what physics question paper is made up of

    The Physics question paper is made up of …

    1. Theory
    2. Derivation
    3. Graphs
    4. Devices
    5. Numericals

    Now, you have to prepare these parts of the question paper smartly. Let us unfold them one by one.

    Theory questions:

    These questions are easy to prepare because they don’t require any deep understanding. They depend only on the memory part of the brain. They will help you to get 20 marks in the 2020 CBSE board exam. These types of questions are;

    • Definitions: Learn all the definitions from all chapters. But first, start learning definitions for general basic concepts of any chapter and then move to specific definitions
    • Principles: Understand and learn all the principles separately by heart.
    • Properties: learn the properties of different concepts given in the book.
    • Units: They are directly asked. Learn all of them with the definitions of the concept.
    • Conceptual Questions: These questions are based on an understanding of different concepts. You can prepare them from the previous year’s question papers because they keep repeating.
    • Book for Conceptual questions: In 2020, in the 12th CBSE board exam, 20 questions will be asked for 1 Marks. Obviously, they will be conceptual questions. You can read “Arihant chapter wise” to prepare these types of questions.

    Derivations and numerical are the two enemies of most of the students. That’s why derivation requires more smart work to win from it.

    Smart work 1: If you analyze the 12th physics syllabus, you will find electrostatics, current electricity, and magnetism have similar derivations. If you understand the first two units’ derivations, it will be easy for you to understand magnetism’s derivations.

    Electricity and magnetism’s derivations are easy in comparison to Optic’s derivation because they don’t require high imagination.  And in optics, Ray optics derivations are easier than wave optics. So you should make a list of all derivations from easy to difficult to win from them.

    Smart Work 2: When you analyze last year’s question papers, you will find most of the derivation repeating with or without the gap year. You take last 10 years’ question paper and make a list of all derivations as important ones.

    Recommended Book:

    S.L Arora is the best book for simple and logical steps wise derivations.


    Numerical, the biggest fear of most of the students. And remember always! You can fight with fear by facing it only. So now I will explain to you how to face it to turn its face back.

    Numerical constitute almost 14 marks of the question paper. Numericals that comes in the board exam can be divided into two parts

    1. Numerical for 8 marks are directly formula-based. That means you have to just put values in the formula and you will get an answer. It is easy to score marks in these questions if you know the formula and concept. They are mostly asked from units 5, 7, and 8.
    2. Numerical for 6 marks don’t come directly. They are slightly difficult. You have to use logic and the relation of different concepts to solve them. They come from units 1, 2, and 6.

    Devices contribute 12 to 15 marks in the 12th board exam. You have to make a list of all devices from the syllabus.

    Devices’ explanations include

    • Principle: first understand and then learn it for all the devices.
    • Formula: learn and understand the relations between variables. How variables vary with increasing and decreasing one another.
    • Working: Understand it well and then explain it to your friends to remember it.
    • Diagram: practice the diagram again and again to reduce its time consumption.

    If you properly prepare all the devices in this way, it will be very easy to score full marks on the device’s questions.


    They come in 4 to 6 marks. It is easy to get marks in graphs because they are less in number and easy to prepare. But remember, if you know the graph, you will get full marks but if not then you get zero marks.

    These are the views of our highly experienced, qualified, and skilled home tutors. If you follow these steps properly then you will definitely land on an amazing score in your class 12 Physics exam.

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