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    Maths Home Tutors. Home Tutors in South Delhi (HTSD) is a re-known player in the field of home tutoring. We are providing home tutoring services in Delhi, NCR since 2010. We offer home tutors for all age groups like Primary Home Tutors, Home Tutors for 9th and 10th, and home tutors for senior secondary classes. HTSD is offering our home tutoring services in all parts of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. HTSD provide home tutors in Noida, home tutors in Lajpat Nagar, home tutors in New Friends Colony, home tutors in Friends Colony, home tutors in Vasant Kung, home tutors in Greater Kailash, home tutors in East of Kailash, home tutors in Malviya Nagar, home tutors in Gurgaon, home tutors in Dwarka and almost all other posh localities of Delhi.

    We are a team of several experienced, qualified, and highly motivated tutors. In this team we have, Physics Home Tutors, Biology Home Tutors, Chemistry Home Tutors, 9th- 10th  Home Tutors, Accounts Home Tutors, Economics Home Tutors, Business Studies Home Tutors, and Maths Home Tutors.

    Maths Home Tutors play an important role in nurturing the academic life of a student. Mathematics is probably the most popular and also a very important subject in class 11-12. After class 10th, students opt for science stream, commerce stream or humanities. Maths is a subject, which is popular among the students of all three steams. This statement is enough to understand the importance and popularity of Mathematics.

    Maths Home Tutors

    Maths is an integral part of the Science stream non-medical group. Science medical group needs to study physical maths to understand their Physics and Chemistry properly. Mathematics is also very important for commerce group students because Delhi University requires Mathematics at +2 level for doing B.Com(H). And Mathematics also plays a very crucial role in competitive exams. Also, we need a lot of practice in Mathematics so that the student can cover all the varieties of problems posed in the exam paper. Even Humanities students are studying Mathematics at +2 level.

    Mathematics Home Tutors help and support students by following ways:-

    ►Maths home tutors advise students to make a proper study plan for the mathematics board exam. with strong and well-defined planning,  students can score maximum marks and they can finish their paper within the given time.

    ►Our tutors advise that students should mention the correct property when solving questions of calculus and algebra. definite integration and the inverse of a matrix are the areas that require a lot of practice. this work can be easily done with the help of our Maths home tutors.

    ►Students can clear their concepts thoroughly with our tutor to secure full marks in vectors and 3d. And all formulas of 3d should be written on a separate sheet practiced again and again.

    img src="maths paper.png" alt="maths paper">

    img src="maths syllabus.jpg" alt="maths syllabus">

    ►The above image and table show the syllabus break-up and paper pattern. mathematics home tutors help students get prepared accordingly

    ►Our tutors focus on using advanced technology in their teaching. We are posting many videos on our youtube channel for example.

    ►The way you present your work is really important to score full in probability. mathematics home tutors make students practice many extra questions on conditional probability

    Punctuality and Regularity of service

    We work with Maths Home Tutors who are matured, professionals. They understand the need for punctuality and regularity in service. They deliver their services regularly on time. If it is a one-hour lecture then they always start it on time and finish it exactly in 60 minutes. They only cancel their classes in case of utmost urgency and almost every time they tell the parents and students about it at least one day in advance. We also expect some sort of professionalism from our students and parents. Maths Home tutors love to deliver their classes on their scheduled date, day and time. They try to avoid discrepancies as much as possible.

    On-time syllabus completion

    This is one of the key metrics of a successful Maths home Tuition delivery. After one or two classes Maths Home Tutors are able to assess a student’s capabilities and his or her speed of learning. After this time you should ask your tutor how much time he or she will take to finish the whole syllabus. You should also discuss a workable plan for it. Once a tutor agrees to finish the syllabus on a particular date, it is his or her responsibility to do it on time.

    HTSD suggests that this deadline should be far far away from the actual exam date so that the students get enough time to revise and to do mock testing. If you see the interviews and videos of past year exam toppers, you will find at least one thing in common. They all say that they have done their syllabus long before their exams. This evidence is enough to understand the importance of finishing the syllabus on time.

    As far as school tests are concerned, parents should take care that the students share their exam date and syllabus as soon as they get it from their schools. This will help the teacher to prepare the students for school tests.

    Quick and comprehensive Revision

    Quick and comprehensive revision is key to get better grades. Once you finish your syllabus long before your main exams, you get enough time to revise your syllabus. Revision should be done in a structured way. Parents or students should sit with the tutors to discuss a plan through which students can revise thoroughly. Students must make quick notes while studying their syllabus.

    These quick notes are very helpful for revision purposes. Both the teacher and students must work on identifying the weak points and weak areas. They should work hard with their Maths Home Tutors to eliminate these weak areas. Students should study the weak points two or three times if required. They should not stop until they are sure that they understand the topic well and no hesitation is left. If you do the revision part properly, then you should assume that you have won half of the battle.

    Extensive Testing

    Maths Home Tutors believe in detailed testing. It helps them to identify the weak areas of their students. These weak areas can be easily dealt with after identification. Maths Home tutors apply a multi-tier testing system. They take the Chapter End test after completion of each chapter. This helps tutors to check if the students have understood the concepts of the chapter or not. Once a unit is over (three-four chapter) our tutors take the unit tests. These unit tests work as quick revision tools for students. After unit tests, once half of the syllabus is covered, our tutors take Half Syllabus Tests. These half syllabus tests repeat for at least two times in a year.

    Once students complete their syllabus and revision, their tutors ask them to move to full syllabus Mock tests. It is advisable to write as many full syllabus tests as possible. These tests let students know the actual status of their exam preparation. Your tutors will provide you sample papers for mock testing or you can take online help from places like or TCY online.

    Last-Minute Tips by Maths Home Tutors

    If you have finished your syllabus on time. If you have revised everything properly and if you have solved enough mock tests. Then hopefully you will do very well in your exams.
    But your excellence depends on your luck and on the fact that how you perform on that special day. If you have a few preparatory leaves before your Maths tests, then you should spend those leaves in revisions. It is not advisable that you keep on trying new questions until the last moment. You should draw a red line that now you have solved enough number of questions. So after that point, you must only focus on revising the stuff you have already covered.

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