Benefits of CBSE Two Term Examination System

Benefits of CBSE Two Term Examination System

Recently CBSE has introduced a new exam pattern for class 10th. Before starting we need to understand the new exam pattern of CBSE for class 10th. Central Board of Secondary Education has recently introduced a new exam pattern for class 10th for the session 2021-22. According to this new exam pattern, the session is divided into two terms. Two exams will be conducted at the end of each term. Board will share the syllabus for both these terms. The exam will be conducted based on the given syllabus. It is like a semester based exam pattern. The result of Term 1 and term 2 results will be scored together. Internal assessment will be the same as in previous years.

Details of CBSE Two Term Examination System

Term 1 Term 2
SYLLABUS –50% of the entire syllabus SYLLABUS –50% of the entire syllabus
Max. Marks 50
Exam duration 90 minutes Exam duration 120 minutes

A few additional components of new examination system are

  • Internal Assessments where teachers will do continuous assessment through different activities——
  • Three periodic tests
  • Subject enrichment activities
  • Portfolios and Practical work (for elective subjects)
  • Speaking listening activities & Project work


INCREASING THE KNOWLEDGE-BASED EDUCATION-The new exams pattern of CBSE has increased the possibility of knowledge-based education. In the previous pattern student used to think that if they will write a few lines about the topic, they may get half of the marks. But in objective type questions, there is no possibility of cheating or getting marks without having any knowledge about the topic. If students prepare the topic thoroughly, they will be able to answer the questions correctly. Students already know that there is no possibility of getting half marks for the wrong answer. They will get the marks only when they will give the right answer. So they prepare their topic thoroughly. They do not want to skip any point. It also enhances students’ knowledge about the topic. Students also know that there may be questions about the topic which are not given in the book but are related to the topic. So they gather more information about the topic. They relate themselves with the chapter and try to implement that in their real-life which is also making them knowledgeable. Students remember even the minor points of the topic. They do not want to lose marks for silly mistakes. They prepare again and again and become skillful and expert because of the new exam pattern.

Holistic development of young children

The new exam pattern scheme focuses on the Holistic development of young children. Students develop an understanding of the concept and prepare themselves for future challenges. They learn to implement of knowledge in real-life situations. They get a deeper understanding of the concept. Students engage themselves in scholastic and Co- scholastic activities. A comprehensive and continuous assessment helps them to be ready for the final exam. Students do not have the pressure of length in the syllabus because the syllabus is divided into two parts. The term 1 syllabus is not repeated in term 2. So students do not waste their time in repeating the same type of syllabus again and again throughout. In place of that they learn something new. It is also helpful to maintain the mental health of children. Students can improve their performance for the final exam because they get the result of term 1 in mid of the session.

Reduce fear and anxiety of students 

Before this new exam pattern students prepared throughout the year for their final exam. They had the pressure of getting fail or getting poor percentage in their final exam. There was no chance of improvement. Students had fear and anxiety because of the pressure of their parents and society. They thought of it as do or die situation.

On the other hand, the present exam pattern is reducing the fear and anxiety of students. Students get feedback on their performance throughout the year. With the help of internal assessment and the term 1 exam, they get feedback on their performance. They try to improve each time. It improves their performance. Parents are also very satisfied due to the performance of their children. Now they know that their child can improve if he or she has got fewer marks. Students also get full marks for their work. In the term 1 exam, there is no fear of Mark deduction. You only need to mark the right answer. If your answer is correct you will get full marks for that. It enhances your confidence.

Feedback about interest area for future

With continuous evaluation, students get feedback for their future interest areas. They decide which subject is better for them. They make up their mind to go with science stream, Humanities or with commerce stream. Parents also get feedback about their children’s choices. Students feel quite confident because of the new exam pattern of CBSE. When you get full marks for your right answer you feel confident. You start to work harder because you know that the next level of exam is harder than the first one. You start to feel confident and try to improve your performance. It improves your accuracy. If you are doing regular practice you will give an accurate answer.

Need of the hour

This exam pattern given by CBSE is the need of the hour because of the pandemic. Nothing is sure. Everything depends on the spread of covid-19. Due to this pandemic, CBSE has made these changes in the exam pattern to avoid the loss of students. Situations can be different. There may be online or offline exams. So CBSE has made these changes. Continuous evaluation will be helpful for teachers and schools to give marks to their students in the time of emergency. It will be very beneficial for students. They will not miss their class. They will be promoted based on their performance in term 1 if there will be no exam for term 2 due to covid. It is right to say that need is the mother of invention. This exam pattern is the need of the hour. Students and teachers are doing their best to make it successful.