Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar

Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar. Home Tutors in South Delhi (HTSD)  is a top notch agency offering Home Tuition services in Delhi, NCR. We have a team of highly experienced, qualified and trained home Tutors who are working with top CBSE schools and coaching centres in Delhi and NCR. Hire the best home tuition in Sarita Vihar for all CBSE groups and almost all Cbse subjects and excel academically. 

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    Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar

    Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar

    Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar. Most of the student prefers to take home tutors in Delhi. Home tutors in South Delhi are the first choice for home Tuition in Sarita Vihar. Tutors are available for, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Social Science, French, English and many other subjects of commerce group, science group, and humanities group. “best home tutors are available without wasting much of your time” for your child.

    Home Tuition Classes in Sarita Vihar

    Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar FOR ALL SUBJECTS AND CLASSES 

    HTSD provides home tutors for all the classes and subjects for CBSC boards.

    • Grade 1st to 5th (Primary classes) We provide all subjects tutoring.
    • Class 6th to 8th (Junior class) We provide Science and Maths tutors.
    • Grade 9th and 10th (High school )

    We provide tutors for SST, Chemistry, Maths and English.

    • Grade 11th and 12th (Intermediate) Chemistry, Physics, Bio, Maths, Accounts, Eco, etc.


    We deal with CBSC Board and ICSC Board.

    • Top competition can be seen in the field of education. In the past, We could fulfill all the academic needs of students only in schools. But at present, it’s tough to have complete faith in schools to secure good marks. Various reasons exist, but everybody is searching for home tutors for their wards.
    • Some hire home tutors because their children can complete their syllabus earlier to get extra time for revision.
    • A few parents hire tutors because their wards have doubts even after attending regular school classes.
    • Some students are not satisfied with the method of a school teacher, and they hire home tutors for their better understanding.


    Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar BY HTSD

    HTSD is one of the oldest home tutor providers in Delhi. All the teachers of our institute are well qualified and experienced. They are the experts of their subjects.HTSD started its journey in 2004 to provide Home Tuition in Sarita Vihar. We are working for almost all the grades from grade 1st to grade 12th. We are providing our best services for all the streams for graduation too.


    “Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best home tutors in no time.” Here is a simple three-step trilogy to reach the right teacher for your ward.

    • Please fill the form or send us a message or message us at the given number.

    Fill the form given on the right side of the front page of the website. You can either send a message or WhatsApp at the given number. Our coordinators will contact you immediately. They will arrange a 2-3 good tutors group and give you their contact numbers.


    After getting the contact details, you can call the tutor and fix your demo class at your place. One hour demo class will be free of any cost. You can have an idea of our teaching through this free demo class. If you find it satisfactory, you can set the timing with the tutor.



    We prefer not to interfere in the matter of payment. You can discuss the discount/fee with the tutor on your own. We are a teacher-centric organization, and we believe that tutors and parents should discuss this matter with each other.


    We aim to help our students and fulfil their needs. We feel satisfied and happy when we get positive responses from our students. Strategies and methodologies used by our tutors make our students triumphant in their academic areas. Due to such strategies, our service has become outstanding and very popular among students.


    All the tutors must give id proofs like Aadhar card, voter id, or driving license. Most of our tutors have been with us for years. They all are trustworthy and experienced persons. We suggest they submit their identity to the person where they are teaching.


    All our tutors complete the syllabus in a planned and systematic way. They help the students complete the syllabus on time so that they will become confident and appear in the exam with complete confidence. They can revise their syllabus twice and thrice and get the highest grades.

    • After completing the syllabus, revision is the most crucial part of scoring well in any exam. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, students get proper time for revision.
    • Our teachers provide study material from different books in additional questions and assignments.
    • Many types of tests are taken to check the understanding of the students. These tests are divided chapter-wise, unit-wise and term-wise.
    • Our tutors point out the weak areas of their students and work on them.
    • After completing the syllabus, tutors make their wards do sample question papers. It helps them check their mistakes, and then tutors clear their doubts.
    • Parents are requested to check all these activities independently and inform us if the tutor does not follow them.

    It is the time of intelligent teachers, and all our tutors are well equipped with technology, and they are using digital tools in their teaching. Our teachers provide pdf, ppts, images and graphs to their students to understand better. Animated videos are beneficial to understanding the concept.

    • Being teachers, we believe in hard work. Our teachers work very hard, and their efforts are praiseworthy. Most of the students score high under the guidance of our hardworking teacher. Our tutors point out the weak areas of their students and work on them. We promise our students and parents THAT……….
    • Our tutors will provide punctual classes.
    • We will complete the syllabus on time.
    • Our tutors will do regular revisions and tests.
    • We request parents to observe all the activities of the teachers and rort us if you find any problem.