Chemistry Tuition in New Friends Colony

Chemistry Tutors in New Friends Colony. HTSD is the right place to hire the most proficient, skilled, trained, qualified and highly experienced Home Tutors in Delhi, NCR. Get the best Chemistry Home Tuition in New Friends Colony and excel academically. Book FREE DEMO class.

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    Chemistry Tutors in New Friends Colony

    HTSD is a famous name in education in South Delhi. We have been providing Chemistry Tutors in New Friends Colony in South Delhi since 2004.


    Our primary services are available in these areas of Delhi:-

    • NEET Chemistry Home Tutors medical entrance students
    • JEE Chemistry classes for IIT aspirants
    • In-organic Chemistry Home Tutors for grade 11th and 12th in New Friends Colony
    • Physical Chemistry Home Tuition for grade 11th and 12th in New Friends Colony
    • Chemistry Home Tutors for grade 9th and 10th in New Friends Colony
    • Science Home Tuition for Junior Classes in New Friends Colony
    • Science Home Tutoring for Primary Classes in New Friends Colony

    Chemistry Home Tuition in New Friends Colony

    Home tutors for Chemistry are essential for the academic success of students. Chemistry is a subject which is significantly scoring at one side and on the other hand interesting too for class 12th students. It’s an essential part of the Science stream that can’t be omitted. It’s compulsory for both medical and engineering students. Students of the medical group only need to study some Maths to understand Chemistry better.

    HOW Chemistry Home Tutors in New Friends Colony HELP OUR STUDENTS

    • Chemistry Home Tuition in New Friends Colony suggest their students make a proper plan for their better performance in Board Exam. A planned schedule always helps students achieve their target, scoring the highest marks.
    • Proper guidance is another feature of our tutors. Our tutors clear all the doubts of their students thoroughly to score well in their exams of Chemistry. They make sure that all formulas of Chemistry are written on a separate sheet and revised again and again.
    • Our Chemistry Home Tutors in New Friends Colony suggest our students mention the correct formula of Chemistry while solving sums. Some units need more attention, and our tutors guide their students to work harder in that area, and there will be fewer chances of mistakes if they work under the guidance of our experienced tutors.
    • According to the planned syllabus and paper pattern, Home tutors for Chemistry work as shown in the table mentioned above. We should not give more time to a specific topic just because we like that topic. It may create a problem of ignoring other topics. We should always follow the planned pattern shown in the picture mentioned above. We should check the weightage of the topic and give time accordingly.



    • Home tutors for Chemistry use technology-based teaching methodology. We use pdf files and video images PowerPoint presentations to help our students so that they can straightforwardly understand the topic. These study materials are very beneficial for our students. It creates interest in them to understand Chemistry.
    • Presentation plays a significant role in presenting the task of Chemistry. It helps to score well in the exam. Home tutors check the test of students in front of them. They make them understand their mistakes. Students prepare through mock tests and understand their weaknesses, and score better.
    • Home tutors for Chemistry make students revise the whole syllabus. Our motto is “the more you revise, the more you score.” We always take the test when we complete the whole syllabus. We always suggest revising after completing three or four lessons.
    • Our tutors provide many additional questions to students as HOTS because depending on only NCERT books is not enough to score well in exams. HOTs are also part of CBSE examinations


    • As we have discussed earlier, revision is significant for scoring good marks. The test is the best tool to check our revision and preparation. Our tutors take many tests like chapter-wise, unit-wise, and monthly, half-yearly, and yearly.
    • Solving sample papers is another way to prepare for the exams. You should check your speed of solving papers .our tutors make our students solve at least sample question papers with the help of the parents.

    OUR MAIN Features

    • Syllabus completion is planned, and no worry of late completion.
    • Easy and affordable system of paying the fee.
    • Experienced, well-trained tutors who are dedicated to their work.
    • Revision of the whole syllabus in a systematic way.
    • Services which You can approach easily.
    • Brilliant teaching through technological tools by intelligent teachers.
    • Tests of various kinds…. Chapter-based, unit-based, half-yearly, and yearly.

    Feedback is given to parents on time

    • Parents are also a part of the whole teaching-learning process, so they are also engaged.
    • Solving of past years’ sample question papers.
    • Result according to the expectation of parents.