Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar

Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar. HTSD has been the most reliable bureau supporting requirements of CBSE students since 2004 by offering them Accounts Home Tuition in Malviya Nagar. Our teachers are highly trained, qualified, and experienced with top CBSE schools of Delhi, NCR. Also, get the most prominent Home Tutors in Delhi, NCR, for all CBSE groups, classes, and subjects.

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    Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar


    Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar

    Tuitions for accounts are available for students of intermediate exams preparation. We provide the best tuitions in your nearby areas. We bring improvement in the academic life of all the students.

    • An account is a subject which is very important for commerce students. It’s the main subject for a student of accounts. If students have a well-planned schedule, students can get the highest rank. If students hire a home tutor, they can better understand the concept. It isn’t easy to talk about numerical, and it requires proper guidance. Our Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar can be a better option for it.
    • Students will get proper guidance, and they can clear all their doubts. All formulas are given as notes, and tutors make students revise those formulas repeatedly.
    • The table above describes the paper pattern, and the syllabus breaks up. Our tutors help our students to be prepared for this.
    • Presentation is very important, and it helps to score well in the exam. Accounts need extra practice, and our tutors provide any additional questions for more practice.
    • Technology’s role is much evident for everyone. Our Accounts Tutors In Malviya Nagar use technology in their teaching. They provide videos, images, and powerPoint presentations to clear specific topics to their students.
    • Our home tutors provide hot questions such as T.S Grewal’s double-entry bookkeeping, Richa Makkar, and Rajesh Goel book questions.
    • Our tutors believe in comprehensive revision. They make their students revise the syllabus many times. Due to good revision, students score very high.
    • Our tutors take different tests like a chapter-wise test, test after completing the unit, test after completing half of the syllabus, and full syllabus test. 
    • Our home tutors help to solve sample question papers. They make sure that students solve at least 10 sample question papers.

    Tips by our Accounts Home Tutors in Malviya Nagar

    • Accounts is a very important subject in class 11-12. It’s an integral part of the commerce stream. AccountsAccounts Home Tuition in Malviya Nagar tuition Malviya Nagar advises students to make a proper study plan for the accounts board exam. With strong and well-defined planning, students can score maximum marks and finish their papers within the given time.
    • Tutors advise that students should mention the correct formula when solving numerical problems. Numerical is a bit difficult and need more time and practice. You can easily do this work with the help of Accounts Home Tuitionin Malviya Nagar.
    • Students can clear their concepts thoroughly with our tutor to secure full marks in accounts. All formulas of accounts should be written on a separate sheet and practised repeatedly.

    A few more Suggestions

    • The above table shows the syllabus break-up and paper pattern. Accounts home tutors help students get prepared accordingly.
    • The way you present your work is really important to score full marks. Accounts Home Tuition make students practice many additional numerical questions.
    • Our tutors focus on using advanced technology in their teaching. They use PowerPoint presentations, Pdf, images, and videos to clarify difficult concepts.
    •  Account home Tutors help solve hot questions, especially T.S Grewal’s double-entry bookkeeping, Richa Makkar, and Rajesh Goel book questions.
    • Home tutors ensure quick and comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus. That helps a lot to secure marks.
    • Our tutors do cumulative testing-first they take chapter end tests after completing one chapter, unit tests after completing three chapters, half syllabus tests and finally, full-length CBSE mock tests
    • With the help of parents, our home tutors ensure that every student writes at least ten full-length tests. Our home tutors will check all these papers.