home tutors in friends colony

Home Tutors in Friends Colony

Home Tutors in Friends Colony. HTSD is a leading player in South Delhi offering Maths home tutors and Home Tuition for all CBSE groups and almost all subjects. We are helping CBSE students for the last two decades.

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    Home Tutors in Friends Colony

    Tutoring plays a vital role in shaping the future of a student. The expert and qualified home tutors in Delhi are challenging to find. Apart from this, no proper guidance and immense competition decrease the morale of the students. Hence, Home tutors in South Delhi (HTSD) help develop and enhance the students’ understanding level. Also, we carve the future and fulfilling all the student’s needs. You have to know that home tutoring is the right tool for your child to flourish and excel in their respective fields quickly. So, through us get the best home tutors in Delhi for almost all the standards and subjects.

    Home Tutors in Friends Colony

    HTSD was established in 2004 to provide the best home tutoring in Delhi, NCR. So, due to our successful students, we accomplished it. We, as HTSD, are a renowned name in the top quality institute of teaching CBSE subjects in Delhi, NCR. We provide tutors for all residents from Ist to XIIth grade students. Also, cover mainstream subjects of graduation batches. Learn from highly expert tutors of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Chemistry, Accounts, Business Studies, Physics, Biology, Economics, and all humanities subjects.

    We were working with tutors that have almost 6-8 years of working experience. Some of our tutors have 10-15 years of working experience in their respective subjects. We know that the quality of tutoring depends on the in-depth knowledge and capability of delivering satisfactory results. Hence, our institute has affluent tutors that provide full support and encourage students to excel in their subjects.

    Core values of HTSD home-tutoring

    Passionate and determined tutors:

    • Without passion, there is no value in teaching. We as teaching expert knows that determination or power is the key to success. Taking this as advice, we taught students so that they can achieve what they want. Moreover, proper training and a skilled approach are the basic need for better results. Our dedicated tutoring polish the skills of each student so that they become master in their respective field.
    Interactive and exciting sessions: 
    • HTSD schedules and structured sessions to make an interactive environment for the students. Our approach towards learning is to motivate and clear students’ doubts in a lively manner. We ensure that our customized and personalized learning sessions fulfill all the student’s needs. Our tutors properly make a timetable and cover up all the doubts in an exciting manner.
    Syllabus completion on time:
    • We ensure that the overall syllabus is completed before December. So, that every student has enough time to revise or review each lesson before their pre-boards. Our rigorous testing helps in making a strong understanding of each concept. Apart from this, we use numerous teaching methods that effectively help us gain good grades in a given time.
    Advanced learning system: 
    • Nowadays, technology allows in making learning easy and better. Therefore, our tutors use PowerPoint presentations and PDF formats so that students easily grasp complex concepts. In this tech-savvy world, the advanced learning system is an excellent opportunity for parents to communicate with teachers easily. Therefore, through this, our tutors connect with parents to quickly see their student’s progress.
    Result Oriented:
    •  Our methodology of teaching makes us result-oriented. Moreover, our rigorous testing and individual tutoring boost your child’s performance. Personalized tutoring help in achieving the objective of learning. We ensure that our doubt clarification sessions and one-on-one tutoring provide the best result.
    Customized curriculum and rigorous testing: 
    • The overall criteria of our tutoring are that every student does not need to waste their time. We focus on deep knowledge and in-depth teaching that improves students learning. So, we made a customized curriculum that was scheduled according to the exam pattern. Our tutors follow that and cover up all the syllabus in a given time. Apart from this, after completing the whole syllabus, we start taking weekly or monthly tests. So, it will help in understanding the concept better. Moreover, we provide rigorous testing and revision series that weak student points quickly get stronger.
    Get a perfect Home Tutor

     We save your time in finding the best home tutors in Delhi. Parents can easily access their child’s progress as well as directly contact a tutor in any urgency.

    1. We provide all the contact details of the tutor regarding your need
    2. You can directly call us at the given number as well as drop us a message
    3. Fix one-hour free demo class, when you are fully satisfied, then we allot that tutor for you
    4. Set your time accordingly when you and your child are comfortable 
    5. Pay directly to your home tutor. We did not take any other charges
    6. Stay connected with your tutor and track all the progress of your child directly
    Supportive and reliable home tutoring

    Our supportive tutors and reliable tutoring provide the results that you want. We provide specialized tutors for each subject and make a path for your child to fulfill their goal. Our tutoring pattern helps students engage with their studies and easily communicate with their tutors. As a result, their confidence slowly boosts up when they see improvements in themselves. The self-analyzation, doubt clarification sessions, and rigorous testing gets mastery in their subject. 

    Our tutoring implies that students gain good marks as well as gain in-depth knowledge of their subject. We know that both are required in this competitive world. Our vision is to provide or nourish them so that they can beat any challenges. Tutoring plays a very crucial role in a student’s development. Since all students are not the same, they have different mindsets. Some students easily grasp or absorb the teaching but some not. So, home tutoring help to increase their confidence as well as teach according to their needs. Give your child hope that they can realize that they can do much better than before. Contact us and get a perfect match.

    We offer home tuition and home tutors for the following groups/subjects

    1. Physics Home Tutors
    2. Maths Home Tutors
    3. Chemistry Home Tutors
    4. Biology Home Tutors
    5. Accounts Home Tuition
    6. Economics Home Tutors
    7. Business Studies Home Tutors
    8. English Home Tutors
    9. Hindi Home Tutors
    10. Humanities Home Tutors

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