CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi

CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi

CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi. HTSD is a premium home tuition bureau working in Delhi, NCR, since 2004. We are offering CBSE Home Tutors in Delhi for all groups and subjects for almost all grades.

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    We are offering Home Tutors in Delhi, NCR for the Central Board of Secondary Education students for all subjects, but maths is at the core of our services.

    For CBSE students Maths is a compulsory subject for everyone from one to grade eight. While almost every student adopts it in grades 9 and 10. At this level, CBSE offers Maths at two levels

    • Basic Maths in grade 9/10
    • Standard Maths in Grade 9/10

    Students who are willing to take Engineering entrance exams takes standard exam while others take basic Maths in grade 10. Mathematics is also a prime at the grade 11/12 level. Students can choose Maths in the following groups

    • In PCM ⇒ Physics, Chemistry, Maths
    • In PCMB ⇒ Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology
    • Also, Commerce with Maths
    • Maths in Humanities with a combination of a variety of subjects

    CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi

    You don’t need to look further for the best CBSE maths tutors in Delhi. We provide math experts with a good teaching and educational background. We offer both one-on-one online and offline forms of education that are suitable for your child. Our tutors are your helping hand that carves out a promising future for your child.

    CBSE Maths tutors in Delhi – the great choice 

    In almost all the sectors of Delhi, we provide maths home tutors. Besides, we have a faculty of qualified CBSE maths Tutors in Delhi that have:

    1. Subject expertise and immense knowledge in their field
    2. The unique teaching style that makes complex concepts exciting and understandable
    3. Advance degrees from reputed universities
    4. Skills to develop core concepts
    5. Massive experience in their respective subject
    6. An interactive approach which helps students to ask their doubts without hesitation

    Why choose us?

    We are providing the best CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi that help students in:

    1. Concept clarity and test preparation
    2. Covering all NCERT maths topics through videos, PDFs, Ppts, etc
    3. Building intuition for higher-order thinking
    4. Developing a sense of estimation as well as an understanding of mathematical ideas
    5. Observing mathematical patterns and trying to illustrate them in their own words
    6. Daily revisions that keep them alert and attentive
    7. Applying mathematical concepts with ease
    8. Completing their assignments or homework on time
    9. Exploring arithmetic and numerical calculations that create interest in doing them
    10. Developing their confidence and making them competent

    CBSE maths class 10th exam pattern

    The evaluation criteria for class 10th students changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    •  The CBSE board for 100 marks, of which 20 effects depend on students’ internal assessment. And, of course, an internal assessment is either a project or practical work. 
    • Apart from this, the remaining 80 marks depend on the student’s performance in the school’s various exams. 
    • The exam contains 25% objective questions, and the rest are subjective. So, students are advised to understand the exam pattern clearly.
    • Our maths tutors focus on the overall development of class 10th students. Therefore, they can perform well in their exam.
    • At HTSD, our CBSE maths tutors make a customized plan to teach according to the weightage of each chapter. For instance, which chapter has more essential or which is less.
    CBSE maths class 12th exam pattern

    Students are facing a problem in understanding the CBSE maths exam pattern. So, we are here to aware class 12th students of the changes in the exam pattern. 

    • Our Maths Tutors in Delhi prepare students according to the 12th maths marking scheme. 
    • They help students understand the typology of questions (theory paper) that contains 80% of marks.
    •  Apart from this, we also assist students in gaining 20% in their internal assessment, which contains periodic tests and maths activities.
    • Our CBSE Maths Tutors in Delhi get a hold of every detail necessary according to the NCERT and CBSE so that it helps students to succeed in their 12th board examination.
    • We give our best so that every student scores good marks in their maths exam.

    Other than Maths, We are offering our services for all other subjects and in almost all parts of Delhi, NCR.

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