How to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12

How to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12. After completing class x exams, students enter in entirely a different phase of their academic life. They have to choose their stream before starting class 11th. Some Students opt for P.C.M, some opt for P.C.B, while some go for  Commerce with Maths and some choose Humanities.
Mathematics and Economics are two subjects which students can take in all three streams, Science, Commerce or Humanities. Besides this Mathematics is far more important than other subjects not only because of its applicability in all subjects but also of its importance in various entrance exams after 12th class and after graduation. Therefore every student aspiring for excellence in this subject & they want to score high in it

How to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12

“Mathematics is indeed a complex subject. It deals with many typical topics. There are four basic operations i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As these operations exceed in the subject it involves calculus, trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, Vectors, etc.

Being successful in a subject like mathematics requires time, dedication, and a lot of practice. Mathematics is a subject in which concepts play a very important role. You need not necessarily engage yourself in reading the chapters and mugging up the concepts. Mathematics is a different kind of branch, a bit complex to understand. It requires practice. In deep, Mathematics is no less of a science, it has its science. Therefore it could be considered as a branch of science as well. Nonetheless, scoring high in mathematics could be very easy if you follow the steps mentioned:”Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12

Just take the first step:

No matter what you know or not about the subject before you start your preparation, you can always take the first step towards it. As there are not many theories and information that you need to proceed for solving problems in Mathematics. Mathematics is based on concepts. And there is this rule about maths that one chapter requires not more than one concept. For example, for solving calculus problems, all you need to know is the basis of integration and differentiation. Then, you can solve problems and once you start with the questions you’d start to understand the chapter better. Once your concepts are clear, you’ll get a long way through this subject. So, just take your textbook and start solving mathematical problems with a clear mind.

Put the value get the answer:

Unlike many other subjects, Mathematics does not require mugging up long answers to score high in an exam. Mathematics is a very simple subject as well, but only for those who know it. So, all you have to do is put the value and get the answer. In short, formulas are very important in maths.

Focus: Focus on lectures in class very carefully without getting distracted. Pay close attention to what the teacher is saying because every concept is important to build the subject. Try not to miss your Mathematics class.

NCERT: Students often neglect NCERT book, because they think this book is very easy. In addition to this, no student does NCERT thoroughly. Hence, they can’t score well as many of the questions that come in the exam are directly from the NCERT book. Even some questions come as it is mentioned in the book just with a little change of numerical values. So, just go with the NCERT before you get into any other book. Now, the 12th class NCERT book for mathematics is divided into two parts.

Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12 part one

  1. Relation and function
  2. Inverse trigonometric functions
  3. Metrics
  4. Determinants
  5. Continuity and differentiability
  6. Application of derivative and

Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12 part two

  1. Integrals
  2. Applications of integrals
  3. Differential equation
  4. Vector Algebra
  5. 3-D geometry
  6. Probability

Looking past the book, you’d realize that part one of NCERT is far easier than part two. Because part two has much more typical concepts and operations as compared to part one. So, the basic idea is to give more time to the part one because in that way you can score high.

Don’t forget to practice each question that NCERT contains to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12 

Graphs: Practice graphs because graphs are easy and graphical questions are often scoring. Be very sure that you draw your graphs neat and accurate.

Formulas: Mathematics has a lot of formulas. And you need to memorize every formula because formulas are very important. Therefore, maintain a pocket diary and write all the mathematical formulas in that so that wherever you go, you carry that and can memorize formulas easily.

R.D. Sharma:  After you are completely done with the NCERT book, try solving R.D. Sharma for a better understanding and clearing of concepts. Practicing questions from R.D. Sharma could of very big help as this book contains both easy and difficult problems. So, you’d develop a very strong understanding of every chapter.

Previous year question papers:

This task is a key to Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12. Apart from solving problems from books, you should also give some time to solve previous year question papers. As you’d do that, you can understand the examination pattern and the types of questions that come in the exam. Hence, there will be more chances of you scoring high than before. But remember to practice only the last three years question papers, the most recent ones. Because getting before that would be a complete waste of time as examination pattern slightly changes every two to three years. Practicing previous year question papers also boost your confidence level.

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. And Mathematics has a lot of questions that could only be mastered by practicing them again and again. In a subject like Mathematics, nothing else could give you perfection except practice. So, practice as many questions as you can. So that you can Score Good Marks in Maths Class 12.

Consistency: Don’t ever think that doing all at once and not being consistent in your study could help. Tom was a brilliant Mathematician until he stopped practicing maths daily. This gives you the idea of how consistency is important. Therefore, be consistent in studying mathematics. Practice questions daily. Even if that is for a short period like a couple of hours.

Ask your doubts out:

Never carry doubts in a subject like Mathematics, don’t feel shy or hesitant. If you are not comfortable asking it in the class in front of everyone, ask personally with your teacher. Do whatsoever but say no to doubts.

Mark important questions: Be sure to mark questions that you faced difficulty solving at once. That way you can revise very well.

Time management: Mathematics needs time management. Managing your time and not wasting it is very important because you can’t recycle wasted time. So, just make a time table for your preparation and to manage your time effectively.

Meditate: Make sure you do your preparation with a clear and healthy mind. Always remember you can achieve anything in life if your mind is in your control. So, for attaining that you need to meditate.

Pray: Pray to your god, this can ease things. Because hope is a good thing.

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Selection of the home tutors in Delhi

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Confidence increment-

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Homework help and test practices-

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A more interesting form of studying

Studying often gets boring and usual. Group classes follow a particular pattern of teaching that is super typical and strict. So, students get bored easily and lose interest in studying. But private tutors don’t follow any particular pattern of teaching. They teach you according to what suits you the best. Therefore, students get a less formal environment and don’t lose interest. Also, private tutors try to hold on to student’s interests specifically, for better results.

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Convenient and flexible

Benefits of Home Tutoring saves you a lot of time, you need not travel to get classes. The tutor comes to your home and teaches you while your parents can also have access to you. Private tutoring is safe. And you can manage the time of the classes according to your convenience. Whereas, group classes don’t save you time and are less safe.

There still are many Benefits of Home Tutoring in which private home tutoring is better than group classes but only a few of them have been shared in this article.

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How to hire the best home tuition

How to hire the best home tuition?

According to a lot of studies, the role of the best home tuition in the academic life of students has “exploded tenfold” over the past few years. Some parents look for home tuition to solve the academic difficulties of their children, while other parents hire home tuition to encourage their children. Objectives of hiring home tuition may be different, but the selection of the best tutor is equally important in every case. I believe asking these few questions may be important for you to hire the best home tutor for the right student.

img src="best home tutors.jpeg" alt="best home tutors">

►What is your teaching methodology?

Every student has a different learning pattern, some learn through visuals, some learn by hearing, some by reading while a few are keenly observant and love to learn through observations. The best home tuition should try different teaching methods until they know the learning pattern of a student. once they know the learning pattern of students, they should use the same way throughout. As a parent, you know the most about your children. If you ask this question to your home tuition, not only you can select the right person for your children but also you can help the home tutors to find the right way of teaching.

►What is your strategy to improve my child?

Some people may think that this is a loaded question and may find it quite silly to ask for someone who knows nothing about your child and who has only heard from you about your child. But the response of home tuition will give you an insight into home tutor’s working style. The best home tutor will always know the importance of working with the parents to improve the grades of a student.

►Why do you tutor?

The best home tuition is always those people who are passionate about their work. And they know the importance of their work. They always realize that they are making a great contribution towards society by helping students to improve their academics. This question will help you to know the ideology of home tutors that will help you a lot.

►Have you worked before with someone who was in a similar situation as this student?

The relationship between a tutor and a student is all about engaging the student, motivating him, encouraging him, solving his academic doubts, and ultimately improving his grades by making an independent learner. If a tutor has already helped someone in a similar situation then he already knows the whole process and things will go more rapidly and more smoothly.

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